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Route -

* If using public transportation:

1. By High Speed Rail - Disembark at THSR Taoyuan station, then follow the indicator to bus station. Take No.170 THSR Taoyuan station - Chungli【Runs approx every 20 minutes】get off at Lioho Machanical stop.

2. By Train/Bus - Upon arrival at Chungli station, walk to Chungli bus station and take No. 170 THSR Taoyuan station → Chungli. 【Runs approx every 20 minutes】 get off at lioho Machanical stop.

* By Car:

Drives into National freeway #1→ and take exit at Neili (Dayuan) interchange → keep moving forward to Zhongyuan road for around 2 km → turn right on Nanyuan second road and keep driving for around 1 km → Turn right at Sinsheng road / 113 C county and keep moving forward, until reaching to the main plant.